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Entry #3

discuss your favourite album here

2007-10-22 04:32:36 by DevoKitten

i bought safe as milk by captain beefheart and it is kick-ass

iscuss your favourite albums now agdsgshaf


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2007-10-22 05:45:34

Lest We Forget by Marilyn Manson :3

DevoKitten responds:

I like the lead single from Eat Me, Drink Me, and that's pretty much it.


2007-10-22 06:47:01

heres 3,

Grace by Jeff Buckley
*why'd he have to die? :(*

Basement on a hill by Elliott Smith
*why'd he kill himself? :(* (this aint a trend btw :P)


OK Computer by Radiohead
*just a stunning album*

DevoKitten responds:

OK Computer is frickin' amazing. Electioneering is a good one.


2007-10-22 06:57:05

Foo Fighters - Echoes, silence, patience and grace
Why? cuz its the foo fighters and well... FOO FIGHTERS...!

DevoKitten responds:

I only have In Your Honour.



2007-10-22 07:44:32

In Vogue by Drop Dead, Gorgeous

first one i can think of



2007-10-22 08:54:18

captain beefheart? Never heard of him, what genre is it? My favorite is . . . hmmm . . . tough question . . . Linkin Park - Metora . . . probably . . . maybe . . .

DevoKitten responds:

Captain Beefheart's various stuff... psychedelic, progressive and experimental rock.

Meteora's good, but I prefer Hybrid Theory.


2007-10-22 10:48:02

Sigur Ros - Takk...

A simply breath takeing album that ihave listened to over a hundred times. Simply timeless. In my opinion the best band ever.

The Beatles - Abby Road

It's the beatles and well there song writeing reached its pinicle with this album(in myu opinion). The only problem is the hotrrible synthasised shit on Because. Other than that all of them are classics.

Antony and the Johnsons -I am a bird now

His voice. Simple as that.

DevoKitten responds:

Sgt. Pepper remains my favourite Beatles album.


2007-10-24 15:09:22

limp bizkit - eat your face

DevoKitten responds:

Ugh, Limp Bizkit.


2007-10-30 18:35:31

Rick Astley's Greatest Hits.


2007-11-05 11:44:57

start something by lostprophets


2008-02-21 20:43:28

disclaimer and karma and effect by seether


2008-05-26 23:33:51

kK lolol


2008-07-06 16:14:22

weird fishy


2008-07-18 13:35:01

captain beefheart is a raging homom and a convicted pedophile